The Power of Wearing Your Best Colors

Appear younger, healthier, thinner, sexier, confident and alive!

Shopping for clothing, accessories and makeup is easier when you can focus on your own color space. In the 12-Tone color analysis system orginated by the artist, colorist and teacher Kathryn Kalisz, colors are differentiated into 12 distinct color spaces derived from the Munsell color system where colors are based on three color dimensions-hue, value and chroma. Kathryn gave these color spaces seasonal names to help define and understand them more easily.

In a neutral grey environmental under full spectrum lighting, your colors reveal themselves through a series of systematic drapings with high quaility fabrics calibrated in harmony with the 12 color seasonal spaces.

Cost $225.00 includes a seasonal color fan ($80 value)

Clients must come to the session makeup free. It is recomended clients wear comfortable lightweight clothing, as they will be covered with a grey cape during the session.